The same programs you’ve always used, but with so much more!

Gone are the days of doing everything in emails. Use Teams to meet with colleagues and customers – from the comfort of your desk in the office or at home. No more traffic, delays, fuel costs.

Share your screen with colleagues or customers using Teams, collaborate on the same files with them, make decisions fast, and get things done quickly. Join in group calls while away interstate, just like you’re right there with them.

Need to access your email to stay in touch? All you need is a device with a browser, and with a Microsoft 365 login and Exchange Online, you’re on in seconds, getting things done, making decisions, kicking goals.

The same powerful software, just better and faster. Log on to any computer or device with a browser, and there all your recently created or edited files are, right where you last used them. And they’re backed up by version control, saved for you in Sharepoint or OneDrive.

You’re on holiday but you need to join an important meeting? Open Teams on your mobile while lounging in your hotel room, and you’re back in your office, just for an hour, there for your team or clients, getting things done.

Once you feel the power of Microsoft Office 365, you won’t want to work any other way.

Contact us find out which subscription is the best for your needs, and we’ll set it up for you and your team. You won’t look back.

Microsoft 365 includes:

  • Outlook\Exchange
  • Teams
  • Sharepoint
  • Power BI
  • Azure AD
  • Endpoint Manager
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • OneDrive

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