So you hear about ‘the cloud’ all the time but you haven’t actually understood what it is? What can you do with it? And why should you use it? Hopefully we can give you some direction!

‘The Cloud’ in relation to computing terms simply means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet – instead of just on your computer’s hard drive. When you use Cloud services, you access your data and programs over the Internet. You may also have data synced with other information over the Web.

Some of the tasks we can perform as your IT Support Company

Office 365 Email Migrations

Migrating to an online Office 365 environment has many benefits for businesses big and small. Whether hybrid deployment or full migration, you want what is best and most cost efficient for your business.

But taking a DIY approach is not ideal.

A professionally managed deployment means a smooth transition with minimal interruptions along the way. ACS takes you through all the steps to successfully migrate with realistic design decisions for your business.

Talk to us today about migrating your business effectively and efficiently to Office 365.

Azure Hosting

Choosing an ACS managed Microsoft Azure service gives you access to a collection of integrated Microsoft Cloud services specifically tailored for IT professionals.

If your business needs to flexibly develop, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres, this product is for you.

With Azure, you get the tools, applications and frameworks that YOU choose as well as utilising open source technologies and consistent hybrid cloud capabilities on hosted servers.

Ask us how we can help you access the tools you need to be at your best!

Data Storage

When it comes to data storage, like all of our other IT services, you want value for money, ease of use, high capacity for data and encrypted security for protection. You want to reliably access your files in your office or in the cloud without issues.

ACS offers inexpensive data storage, accessible from anywhere via, secure and private connections. In an ever changing landscape of data threats, you want to know it is safe and secure with optimum accessibility.

Talk to us about storing your precious data via a secure accessible service and see how easy it can be to know your data is in safe hands.

Mail Scanning Security Anti Spam

Over 90% of hacking attacks are delivered directly to you through your emails via spam, viruses and phishing attacks.

These attacks are seeking to access confidential information about your business and your clients, damage your protective software systems and spread malware and phishing software.

Our email security services filter your emails for spam and malware before you receive it. We also provide a secondary point of mail storage, self-managed blacklisting and file sharing security.

Call us to talk about how to secure the integrity of your business email systems and prevent hacking attacks through all of your electronic communication channels.

IT & Data Security

At ACS we take cyber security very importantly. Security of data and information is a key business focus and one that left to chance, can potentially bring the whole business down.

With cyber security constantly evolving, it is a balancing act to stay protected and avoid the risks of a serious cyber attack or corporate information confidentiality issue.

We protect your data confidentiality – on site and in the cloud. We detect unwanted threats and protocols, restrict access to the people that need it and ensure client confidentiality. We also offer managed antivirus services, web protection services, managed use of websites and content and zero-hour security for monitoring and alerting.

If protecting your intellectual property is important to you too, talk to us about how we can offer multi-layered solutions to protect you, your business, your staff and your customers.

Mail Hosting

In business, you need a reliable hosting service so there are no outages or lost communications to bring your business down.

ACS offers you enterprise quality mail exchange services without all the expensive on site hardware. We offer a comprehensive Office 365 Exchange Email service with the control of deciding which staff access which features and services.

Talk to us about your Mail Hosting requirements today!

Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation is the process of creating a virtual machine in a software environment, which used to be on a physical machine, to distribute server tasks more evenly.

Hosting the virtual machine on a Microsoft Hypervisor machine in your office is one option and it can host one or more software servers or workstations on it. Another option is a hosted cloud-based server which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime for your business.

Benefits of working through ACS’s Virtualisation service are limited hardware to manage with less down time and electricity consumption, built in disaster recovery and more business flexibility.

Like the sound of that as a competitive edge for your business? Call us today to find out more!

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