Recent Australian Government Cyber Security Incident.

The recent news regarding the cyber-attacks being experienced by the Australian government highlights the importance of security against external attacks. This attack was a concerted and sustained attack on government infrastructure from outside of Australia. Most internet routers have a very basic firewall in them that provides really basic protection […]

Working Remotely – Some Common Technical Glitches

Working remotely recently has highlighted some technical glitches that can cause heartache for Remote workers. There are a number of ways people can be configured to work remotely, these glitches may not apply to your specific situation, but these are the more common issues being experienced. Apart from the usual […]

Keep your finger on the pulse of your IT

Having your finger on the pulse of your IT is just as important as knowing the health of your employees! In modern times, having fast, efficient, healthy computers in a business is just as important as having fast, efficient and healthy staff members. Slow, inefficient computers can cost your business […]

What do delinquent teenagers and computers have in common

Well, if left alone and unsupervised for even a short length of time, they begin to start doing things they shouldn’t do, and less of what they should do. How this is managed in teenagers is the subject of debate, BUT, managing this in computers is easier than you think! […]

Cyber Criminals and Email Scams

In recent times, cyber-criminals have targeted email users by sending them emails with a payload that silently encrypts their data – rendering it unreadable and unusable – this payload is known as crypto-ransomware. Once the data is encrypted (with a super-secure encryption program), they demand that the owners of the […]

New Data Breach Notification Requirements

On the 22nd of February 2018, legislation was passed that now makes it mandatory for businesses with turnover not exceeding $3million to report data breaches of certain types of customer data and information, to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), and also any potentially affected individuals. Such data […]

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