The same look and feel for your files, in the same place as you’re accustomed to, only now you don’t need to be in your office or near the server to access them”

We’ve all had drives mapped to ‘the server’ or to ‘the NAS’ – but we had to be in the office to access them. Well, now your files and folders go with you, wherever you are. You need to travel unexpectedly? They’re still with you. You need to work from home for a while? No problem, there they are. And they’re still just as secure and safe from unauthorized eyes as ever before.

Your password and two-factor authentication identifies you, and you can access your work – keeping you safe from cyber criminals and hacking. Our Professional Services team will set it up for you.

Your laptop dies and you need to get an urgent report finished? Borrow a friend or colleague’s laptop, log in and Sharepoint is there for you, with the report file, exactly where it was last time you worked on it. Almost like magic!

You were working on some files, but you want to go back to previous versions? No problem, Sharepoint files allow you to restore previous versions of files if you need to.

You’re doing a project with contractors, and you need them to see and work on the project with you? Sure! You can share files externally and allow selected contractors to see and edit files if need be.

You want some members of your business to access certain files, but deny access to others, just like you could when you had a server? Absolutely, with policy-based access, people only get to see and use the files and folders they should be accessing.

Words some of our customers have used to describe the experience: – “I didn’t realize it could be so easy, I thought it would be very different and difficult. But its just the same!”

Send an email to to arrange a team member to help you start using Sharepoint – you’ll be glad you did.

Sharepoint Features

  • Version Control
  • Data Retention
  • Policy-based Access
  • Content Sharing
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Access Of Data

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