Modem, Router and Wireless Set Up

Having all of your wireless gear connected up in your office is great! No more of those messy cables to work around or squeeze behind a desk or bookcase.

Getting it all connected though can be really tricky.

Creating a communication connection between the modem, router and your network can take endless hours of guesses and crossing of fingers.

Then there is the downloading of the firmware for critical updates and patches to make sure your connection is going to run well. You might also want to set up a guest network so your clients can access the wireless network but not your corporate data and storage devices.

Give us a call to get this done properly the first time.

ACS can have you up and running with reliable connections each and every time to all of your wireless devices.

ADSL, NBN & Internet Connections

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is being implemented throughout Australia and will be coming to your area.

Businesses need to prepare early by checking with your retail service provider whether you need to move your landline and internet services to the NBN.

You will also need to know your disconnection date.

ACS can help you ease through this period with our knowledge of fees, equipment, back-up batteries and special services that are available.

Get in touch with us at ACS to arrange your connection properly.

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