All Computer Services - Professional Services Agreement

Between: All Computer Services Pty Ltd – 62 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park, QLD 4556


Services & Support in respect of activities included in the Professional Service Agreement:

Rates excl hr (depending on severity):


$150.00                                                                 BHours (on-site: 30 min increments, remote: 15 min increments)

$187.50                                                                 7am to 8:30 am and 5pm to 7pm weekdays (30 min increments)

$225.00                                                                 7pm to 7am weekdays, and Saturdays - minimum 2 hrs

$300.00                                                                 Sundays, public holidays - minimum 2 hrs

$300.00                                                                 Emergency Callout (2 x 1 hr @ business hour rate)

Strategy and Planning Meetings Available If Required

1. Strategy and Planning sessions – Annual

2. Business Continuity Planning – Annual

1 – Strategy and planning sessions with ownersmanagers of the business, to determine infrastructure requirements, and company strategic direction so that actions, efforts and activities are channeled in the desired direction.

2 – Business continuity planning – the business is analyzed, and parts and components are assessed to determine what the effect would be to the business should they fail, and therefore what actions should be taken to eliminate the failure of these components, and also the actions to be taken should they fail.

Trouble Ticket Priority Severity Categories Guide:


1 – Emergency     - 2 hr response*, on site**  98% attendance within 2 hrs entire office system offline or unusable

- $300.00 excl Emergency Status uplift may apply.


2 – Urgent             - 4 hr response*, on site** 98% attendance within 6 hrs – Main Business Application offline

- $150.00 excl Urgent Status uplift may apply.


3 – ASAP               - Response* as soon as possible – Single workstation or component affected – 95% attendance within 24 business hours


* Response is defined as the time when the engineer tasked with dealing with the ticket contacts the customer in the process of creating a plan to resolve the issue.

** On Site attendance as per the above severity categories, apply only if ACS deem an on site attendance is required.


Please note - Managed Services Customers receive priority service ahead of Professional Services customers.

Trouble Ticket call logging


Trouble Tickets can be logged with All Computer Services by the following methods (method 1 and 2 preferred).


N.B. If logging a Severity 1 or 2 ticket – please call the office in addition to sending an email to Helpdesk:


  1. Email to - Please do not email your engineer/other staff directly.
  2. Create ticket via Automate Icon in System Tray: Right-click, select “Create Helpdesk Ticket” (if Automate used).
  3. Online at – “Log a Support Call”.
  4. Telephone to 07 5456 1184 or after hours mobiles - (required for Severity 1 and 2).



Terms of Service


  1. Invoices are payable on receipt, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. All hardware is payable at time of ordering, labour is payable on completion of work unless a project is undertaken where interim labour invoices may be submitted if required.
  3. If any problems are experienced with work relating to invoices, please report the issue in detail, via email to within 5 working days of receipt of invoice.
  4. Equipment remains property of All Computer Services until paid for in full.
  5. An extra 1.5% surcharge is levied for Visa/MasterCard.
  6. A call-out travel fee is payable for callouts to site unless included as part of a Maintenance Managed Services Agreement.
  7. Due to the variable nature of IT-related problems, unless specifically quoted for, all work performed will be billed for per half hour or part thereof for onsite work, or per quarter hour or part thereof for workshop remote work.
  8. Labour for work not covered by any other signed agreement, is charged at our agreed per hour rate, or part thereof. Please see table above for details of charge rates.
  9. All equipment is provided with a 12 Month MANUFACTURERS Return-To-Base Warranty unless otherwise stated requested.
  10. Any equipment not protected by adequate appropriate power conditioningfiltration may not be covered under warranty.
  11. By logging a service callticket, you agree that All Computer Services will be conducting work on behalf of your company, on company infrastructure, which will be invoiced for.
  12. All labour services to be provided will originate from a service ticket being logged with the helpdesk. Methods for creating a service ticket are detailed below.
  13. Services will be charged on a time and material basis for any work conducted.
  14. Travel charges may be charged if deemed by ACS to be appropriate.
  15. Support may be provided by secure remote access if possible, by agreement.
  16. Should any work conducted take longer than a calendar month to complete, ACS may prepare and send an interim invoice at month end for work done to date.
  17. Customers may request login access to their Manage Portal to view outstanding work items.
  18. Quotes are valid for 7 days from date of receipt.
  19. All Computer Services does not accept responsibility or liability for data, software or intellectual property that may be lost or damaged during the process of effecting repairs to, or performing work on, workstations belonging to customers. Data backup and security, unless specifically contracted otherwise, is the responsibility of the customer. Best effort will be made by ACS engineers to attempt to preserve data where at all if possible, if specifically instructed by the customer to do so.
  20. For our Terms & Conditions of Service, refer to:


Work carried out on equipment covered by warranty:


Worked carried out for, or during, warranty repair activities:


Labour performed in the process of repairing or restoring equipment or infrastructure under warranty, will be covered under the warranty terms under the following conditions:


  • Labour being performed is being carried out on equipment purchased with an onsite warranty, and which failed before the warranty term expired, and
  • Labour being performed is being carried out on equipment purchased fromthrough All Computer Services, and
  • Labour being performed is being carried out to restore the equipment back to the state in which it was when originally purchased from All Computer Services.


Labour performed in the process of repairing equipment under warranty, will not be covered under warranty if:


  • Work is being done to back up any existing data, or restore data, or
  • Work is being done to provide temporary access to data or information, or
  • Work is being done to support equipment not purchased fromthrough All Computer Services, or
  • Work is being done to provide temporary service using other hardware or equipment.


All Computer Services may only assign this agreement to a third party with prior written approval of


All Computer Services, its staff and associated parties will not use or disclose confidential information belonging to Bloomhill Cancer Care, or its staff members, to any third party without the prior approval of Bloomhill Cancer Care, except as necessary or consistent with providing the services outlined in this agreement. The terms and provisions of this clause shall survive any expiration or termination of this Agreement.


In the event of issues, concerns, or situations that require escalation, this is to be reported to:

Jack Swanepoel 0423 081 010

Nigel Clarendon 0409 877 103

ACS Accounts contact: 07 5456 1184

Nominated Site/Support Contact Person:

Issues experienced on site to be coordinated between ACS Support staff and the nominated site contact person.


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