Working remotely recently has highlighted some technical glitches that can cause heartache for Remote workers. There are a number of ways people can be configured to work remotely, these glitches may not apply to your specific situation, but these are the more common issues being experienced. Apart from the usual ‘restart workstation’ process, try these options.

Wireless Workstations go into ‘flight mode or Airplane mode’ and\or don’t connect to WiFi \ 4G dongle. Test your connection to the internet before placing a support call to IT Support by searching something different on Google and making sure you get results, or open a news page and click on a previously unread article. If it doesn’t work, your workstation may be disconnected from your WiFi or 4G internet device. If it’s in Flight Mode, a little airplane shape shows in the system tray, just click on it and it and select “Wi-Fi” or “Mobile Hotspot” and it should reconnect. Then check again, and test your remote connection.

Your Mobile Hotspot runs out of data and you no longer have internet access – Contact your Mobile Service Provider who can check whether or not you have available data on your mobile plan. Generally most companies have a shared data plan, and the Business Manager’s person’s mobile is configured to receive notifications when 50%, 75% and 100% of available data use is reached. When it gets to 100% a data pack can be added by your Mobile Service Provider.

Your workstation\server in the office is not on (if you connect using this process) – well, someone there should just turn it back on for you – job done!

These simple self-help tips can often get you out of trouble. If not, contact your IT Support people to assist, or for additional assistance, contact All Computer Services on 07 5456 1184 for assistance.

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