Having your finger on the pulse of your IT is just as important as knowing the health of your employees!

In modern times, having fast, efficient, healthy computers in a business is just as important as having fast, efficient and healthy staff members. Slow, inefficient computers can cost your business thousands of dollars a year in poor productivity, missed deadlines, and lost data.

Employing an IT Company who utilise a modern Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM – another acronym for you! 😊) platform means that you can access monthly, weekly or even daily if it’s that critical reports on the health, status and performance of your IT infrastructure.

At a glance you can confirm that:

  • All your machines are patched and updated
  • All your machines are free of viruses and other malware
  • Your servers are not battling to cope with demand
  • Your backups are running smoothly
  • No machines are running out of space
  • No machines are out of support with Microsoft
  • No machines are experiencing hardware failures that could become ‘terminal’ soon
  • Any subscription renewals that are due have been dealt with
  • And a whole myriad of other useful information

Getting a summary of all this information regularly on a single page report that you can glance at gives you peace of mind that all is going well, or you will be alerted to possible arising issues that need to be sorted out before they become major problems.

Call your IT Manager to get these reports arranged for you. Or call All Computer Services on 07 5456 1184 and we can set your reporting system up for you!

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