The recent news regarding the cyber-attacks being experienced by the Australian government highlights the importance of security against external attacks. This attack was a concerted and sustained attack on government infrastructure from outside of Australia. Most internet routers have a very basic firewall in them that provides really basic protection against hacking attempts, but these are no match for the sophisticated attacks being made on Australian businesses in current times. Often, a few different security strategies need to be applied and work together to give businesses a more robust security “firewall”. The Australian Cyber Security Centre have identified 8 areas that NEED stronger protection:

  • Application Control (making sure only the apps you want are installed, and controlling what they do)
  • Patching security ‘holes’ in Software Apps
  • “Hardening” the security barrier for software apps
  • Blocking Macros in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook – a common source of many security issues)
  • Restrict Admin Privileges – only give administrative access where absolutely needed
  • Patching Operating Systems such as Windows 10, and Windows Server software
  • Applying Multi Factor Authentication – making impersonation and identity theft harder
  • Ensuring your backup strategy is effective. This is critical!

Having a good firewall is vital in today’s times, and coupled with a solid workstation protection software, it just makes your network so much harder to hack. This means that hackers go looking for easier targets elsewhere. All Computer Services uses and recommends Watchguard T-Series firewalls – suitable and priced for small-medium businesses but tough enough to keep the hackers out. Combined with good endpoint “workstation\laptop” protection from security software such as Panda Security, means your network is safe from unscrupulous hackers. This combination recently won the Gartner Award for internal and external protection, while still being affordable.

Having the above is really good, but to make it most effective, understanding how these hackers work and how to recognise hacking attempts, makes your network even more secure. Have you heard of PHISHING attacks? All Computer Services can provide affordable user awareness training to educate staff how to recognise phishing, and other common hacking methods.
To get a review of your IT security and have peace-of-mind that it is well protected, Contact All Computer Services on 07 5456 1184.

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