Well, if left alone and unsupervised for even a short length of time, they begin to start doing things they shouldn’t do, and less of what they should do. How this is managed in teenagers is the subject of debate, BUT, managing this in computers is easier than you think! How many frustrated friends and colleagues have you heard venting that their computers are ‘SO SLOW and UNRESPONSIVE!’?

The simple act of browsing the internet and downloading such common applications as Adobe Reader, media players, file utilities and any number of useful apps can result in large numbers of PUP’s (Potentially Unwanted Programs) being downloaded and installed on your computer – without you knowing about them! Yes, that’s right, when you see all those windows where you click ‘next’, ‘next’ and ‘next’ to get it finished – that’s when it happening! You’re actually permitting them to be installed! Always READ what you’re clicking ‘NEXT’ and allowing!

Pretty soon your computer is so busy running all these apps, that its slowing down and becoming frustrating to use, takes forever to do things, and is generally unresponsive. Sounds like your average delinquent teenager, right?

Progressive IT Support companies have methods to combat these productivity-killers. We use cutting-edge software to monitor what is running on your machines, prevent PUP’s from being installed, and even uninstalling known PUP’s automatically. This keeps your computer running lean and mean, and doing what you bought it to do! In addition, useful apps can be automatically deployed, and the healthy heartbeat of your computer can be monitored from a central location, 24 hours a day!

Then you’re happy that your computer is still fast and responsive, and you can get stuff done!

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